Thursday, February 21, 2008

Boot Speed Ubuntu

I tried different tweaks from here. However, my boot speed was still slow, it was taking 2 minutes or so to go to gdm login. So, I was thinking how to increase it further.

I did the concurrency=Shell as mentioned in the post above. Still the boot speed was slow. I saw that there was a culprit which used to print "Reading files for boot" for close to 45 seconds during the boot, before it proceeded further. I was sure that it was one of the services which was creating problem. I was not able to locate which one though... so I left it at that suffering with 2 minutes for booting up.

Then one fine day, I saw my cpu usage remaining 100%, so I checked top and saw apport running on top. Now, what was this apport... some googling and got to the information that it is error reporting service ... I thought I will disable it. I disabled it and also avahi daemon (I frankly do not know what purpose it serves). I connect to my serves manually as I know about them. So, disabled that too. And next boot no line of "Reading files for boot" and my boot time went from 2 minutes to 45 seconds... that was great!!!! Nice find... thought would publish it.

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