Friday, October 9, 2015

Best Ubuntu DLNA Client

So I have Kodi setup on my htpc. I want to use it as my central library and watch my family videos in all other room.

I kept searching for dlna client for ubuntu and every one suggested some plugin or use VLC.

Other plugins didn't work.

VLC did work but was taking long time to load vidoes.

So I installed kodi on my laptop too.

In the kodi there is option of sources from upnp. I select it and it showed me my htpc kodi server. I added it and Now I am all set.

Just setup your kodi source as upnp. Will try with other upnp server to see if it works with server like minidlna or mediatomb.

So afar I am really happy with kodi as server and client.

Kodi is best dlna client for ubuntu for sure.. :-)