Tuesday, April 7, 2009

still stuck with ms office???

check out this link which gives alternate to ms office, i have tried most of them and most are able to replace all the functionality which you would be dong with ms office.

here is the link...

Monday, April 6, 2009

How To Install TVUPlayer On LINUX

I have installed latest version of TVU player on ubuntu jaunty. I am sure lot of people will like it as I know it is one of the program which is there on windows and there is no linux alternate.

So, here are the steps.

1. Go to the wine-doors site and download the latest version of wine doors. For ubuntu I downloaded the .deb file. You can install some other version based on your distro.

2. Now, once download is over, install the .deb file.

3. It will come as a menu in wine, click on wine-doors or from terminal you can run wine-doors command

4. When it starts for the first time give your information and make sure you check "I have a valid windows license". I have one on the same machine.

5. Now, wine doors will download package list.

6. Select the packages IE6, windows media player 9, msxml4, visual basic runtime 6, visual c++ runtime 6.

7. Wine doors will download the packages and install them.

8. Once packages are installed download the latest version of TVUplaer 2.4.1 from TVU site.

9. Install TVU Player.

10. Start TVU player. Select the channel you want.

11. Run your favourite media player and open url http://localhost:8901/

and enjoi...

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Everything working on the new asus..

Atlast I have everything working on the new asus laptop... was challenge... but it seems the new jaunty release of favorite distro ubuntu has everything working except for sound.... so the following things are working out of the box...

1. boot without any acpi=off in the boot option.
2. wireless
3. lan
4. graphics card not sure which one is in use though, there is no 3d acceleration so no compiz as of now... this is due to merging of the latest open source ati drivers using radeonhd rather than using fglrx.
5. usb driver..
6. web cam... skyp is showing the web cam... some mic problem there but i have never got mic to work on first go.. :-)
7. bluetooth... the internal blueotth works without any issue.

not working
1. sound not working but was able to get it resolved by following instructions here..
2. no compiz...
3. very loud fan... and temperature remains in upper 60s..

so if you are having trouble with your asus with intrepid, then get hold of jaunty ... it is still in beta but it is quite matured by now... and stable too...