Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Replace krfb with vino in kde4

I use kde4 on my server box due to some audio problem with gnome. In gnome I am not getting any audio. I broke my head for long time, installing, removing and configuring pulse audio to no avail.

So, I moved to kde4 and it was easy enough and my audio started working without pulse. I do not want pulse as there is no ac3 pass thru support which I need for home teather.

I used to run vino on gnome to remotely access my comp. KDE has krfb, so I used to do auto start it when I login.

Problem with krfb is that it hogs the system when you are remotely accessing, cpu spikes to 100% and system kind of becomes unusable with lot lag.

I loved vino so I did the following and now I can use vino on KDE.

1. Stop krfb

2. Remove krfb from startup.

3. open konsole.

4. type vino-preferences

5. Configure vino and you are all set.

I am assuming you have vino installed, else install it from your repository.

Now no more lag, and no more cpu spike when using remote desktop :-)

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