Sunday, February 10, 2008

Concurrency=Shell error fix in Gutsy 7.10 Ubuntu

Well, I was trying to get my ubuntu gutsy to boot up with concurrency=shell... well for those of you who are not aware, when you boot up there are lot of init script which run. By default they run serially so if you have more than one processor only one thread runs during init i.e. boot. Concurrency=shell will create new shell and these scripts are run in parallel.

So, how you do it? Well change the /etc/init.d/rc and change concurrency=none to concurrency=shell.

Now, when you do it, there would be a problem with HAL. This happens as dbus and hal has same script order and hence creates a problem.

to fix this issue,

rename the file in /etc/rc2.d/S12hal to etc/rc2.d/S13hal
rename the file in /etc/rc3.d/S12hal to etc/rc2.d/S13hal

And that it... you are all set... reboot and you will definitely see change in the boot up time.. Give it a try.

If things do not workout then just change the concurrency=shell to concurrency=none.

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