Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Use Thunderbird to sync google account

I use google as my primary account for mails, contact, calendar. It used to be yahoo but with google coming with host of features and good syncing capability I decided to make it primary. I have one yahoo account but I do not check/use it frequently any longer.

So, here you go on how to sync your mails, contacts and calendar. You can use many applications but I use thunderbird and so have selected it as an example.

1. Email... head to this link and configure imap in thunderbird.
2. Calendar.... for calendar install the lightning extension of thunder as given here. Now configure calendar as given here.
3. Google Contacts... for contacts in the address book refer to this link to sync your google contacts with thunderbird.

And thats it you are all set to now sync your google account with thunderbird... hope you have sucess too...

I am trying to sync orkutbirthdays with thunderbird via google calendar but no luck so far... will keep you posted....

Force Skype to use qt4 theme

I use skype for chatting and online talk with my friends and family back home. However, every time I use skype I hate that even though it is a qt4 app (now), it still does not honour my kde settings.

So, I did some research (read googling) and found out the following way would easily solve the problem.

When starting skype, just use the switch "--disable-cleanlook" and it should pick up the theme which is selected in the kde4 settings. Or if you want to use a particular style then you can pass the theme name as "--style .

skype --disable-cleanlooks

Hope it helps some one... enjoi...