Friday, January 1, 2010

Change My RAID1 filesystem to Reiserfs

Well... I was not sure what was in my head when I first configured my raid1 some one year back... I kep one raid partition as ntfs... with the support of ntfs not so great and file system itself having issues with fragmentation, I think it was a very bad move...

Anyway... I corrected it today. I remove the ntfs and replaced with reiserfs... but not without hiccups..

here is the order in which I proceeded, posting for others if they also do such thing in future..

1. take back up of your data. do not do it on another ntfs, if possible get other linux drive and do it. And BIG NO to FAT32, it will not take files bigger than 4 GB.

2. edit your /etc/fstab and comment out the raid, reboot.

I did this step as it kept giving me error resource/device busy, please try again. Umount -f and mdadm --stop none of them were working.

3. After reboot, just type the following command.

mkfs.reiserfs /dev/mdxxx, replace xxx with the raid number you have.

There is no need to stop mdadm as it is not required.

4. Edit your /etc/fstab, uncomment the raid line. And this is very important, change the file system to match your file system.

Remember, previous step is very important.

5. Mount the file system again and

6. Copy your data again.

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