Monday, April 6, 2009

How To Install TVUPlayer On LINUX

I have installed latest version of TVU player on ubuntu jaunty. I am sure lot of people will like it as I know it is one of the program which is there on windows and there is no linux alternate.

So, here are the steps.

1. Go to the wine-doors site and download the latest version of wine doors. For ubuntu I downloaded the .deb file. You can install some other version based on your distro.

2. Now, once download is over, install the .deb file.

3. It will come as a menu in wine, click on wine-doors or from terminal you can run wine-doors command

4. When it starts for the first time give your information and make sure you check "I have a valid windows license". I have one on the same machine.

5. Now, wine doors will download package list.

6. Select the packages IE6, windows media player 9, msxml4, visual basic runtime 6, visual c++ runtime 6.

7. Wine doors will download the packages and install them.

8. Once packages are installed download the latest version of TVUplaer 2.4.1 from TVU site.

9. Install TVU Player.

10. Start TVU player. Select the channel you want.

11. Run your favourite media player and open url http://localhost:8901/

and enjoi...


Bob/Paul said...

Since winedoors is temporarily unavailable, here's how to do it using the winetricks script, available at

TVUplayer 2.4.1 is no longer available, and the below didn't work for me with (Tray icon kept disappearing, preventing me from being able to select a channel.) is available, but that also had problems (channel names didn't show on list [missing fonts?] and player tries to play with embedded media player rather than opening :8901)

So, I've had no luck. However, below instructions should be the same as your wine-doors instructions.

1) Open a terminal window.

2) wget

3) sudo apt-get install cabextract

4) sh winetricks ie6 wmp9 msxml4 vb6run vcrun6

5) Continue from step 8 in the original instructions above.

Bob/Paul said...

I added "fontfix allfonts" to the winetricks command. Now works fine, but still crashes.

Mehul J. Rajput said...

Thanks Bob, I still have a wine-doors installer with me in .deb.

Anybody who wants it, PM me and I will send the file to you.

Ricardo said...

Excellent post. I did a little google search for 2.4.1 and everything went smoothly. Please be patient when opening 'localhost:8901', it might take a couple of minutes for playback.

Bob/Paul said...

Mehul: it wasn't that winedoors.deb wasn't available. It was that the winedoors project shutdown their server. Having winedoors installed locally wouldn't do anything because it couldn't get the scripts from the server.

Anyway, they got donors and paid the bandwidth bills and the server is back online.

Simon said...

Ha! I could kiss ya! Workin' like a dream :)


Chaitanya krishna said...

Mehul: For some reason theres no audio. Im using vlc as media player. any ideas?

Mehul J. Rajput said...

Bob: thanks for the update... I never realised that their site was down.

Chaitanya: VLC should work fine. Are other videos giving audio in vlc? try different channels and see if it works or not...

Chaitanya krishna said...

evry other videos work fine. but not tvu audio, tried with other channels also. but no use.

Mehul J. Rajput said...

interesting... does your audio work in wine apps??? should not be related but just wondering....

KarrieK said...


thanks for the excellent guide.

I have one problem. Once I have TVU-player started and have selected my channel I open vlc-player. I type in the url and VLC gives the following:

access_mms error: cannot connect to localhost:8901
main error: open of `http://localhost:8901/' failed: could not create access
main error: connection failed: Connection refused
main error: connection failed: Connection refused

Any ideas?

Mehul J. Rajput said...

try removing the last slash and see... just give http://localhost:8901

also do you have any firewall running on your computer???

KarrieK said...

It works. Thanks.

To use myp2p is also straightforward:

wine TVUplayer.exe tvu://whatever_you_get_from_myp2p


AdamHelms said...
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ah said...

I can confirm that this works in Ubuntu Karmic amd 64.

From TvuPlayer su Ubuntu

But did it a little more simple

mkdir -p ~/bin
cd ~/bin


chmod +x winetricks

sudo apt-get install wine

winecfg -> select Windows XP -> Save

./winetricks -> select gecko, vcrun6, wmp10 - push OK



wine TVUPlayer2.4.9.1.exe

wine ~/.wine/drive_c/Program\ Files/TVUPlayer/TVUPlayer.exe
tvu..... (link from tvu)

vlc http://localhost:8901

Best Regards

Surya Praveen said...

Thank you very much brother for your valuable information about installing TVU. You are genius

Xavi said...

In ubuntu 9.04 I got when trying to install any version of TVUplayer after 2.4.3 saying:

The Windows Media Player version on your System is too low.
Please install the Windows Media Player 10 or above version.

I don't know why this message appears, I have installed the WMP10 with winetricks and is working fine. The solution I found is to copy all msxml* dlls from my windows partition into ~/.wine/drive_c/windows/system32/
and then run by:

WINEDLLOVERRIDES="msxml3=n" wine TVUPlayer.exe

My Useful Blogger said...

I installed TVU player on Ubuntu but it's not starting video from net. It's saying "Starting video" but not showing any thing.

Mehul J. Rajput said...

are you opening the video in a player or using tvu's inbuilt player??

Daniel Smedegaard Buus said...

Hmm... This works fairly well when installing and then using the instance of TVUPlayer that is automatically openened.

However, is any one else but me also getting a "GetClientSite Failed" and then a hanging instance when starting TVUPlayer afterwards? Tried installing pretty much everything I could think of using winetricks, but to no avail...